The first {and hopefully last} snow of 2014

I took a nasty little tumble off the step stool yesterday while I was putting the groceries in the pantry.  The stool went one way while I landed with a bang on the floor.  It really is a wonder that the shelves didn’t fall down with me.  So, now I am to sit still and “rest”.  I am not one to sit still for any length of time.  The bright side is since it’s raining outside anyway, I have a good excuse to watch reruns of Gilmore Girls that I have seen a dozen times anyway and catch up on some posts. (I haven’t posted anything since September).floyds-barn

Our neighbor’s old barn. I’m jealous, I always liked old barns.


I sure hope my sago palms survive the rest of winter.  They aren’t looking so well.


What snow/ice storm is complete with out a roaring fire?  You gotta stay warm, right?


The last (snow) man standing.  He has melted.  Along with the rest of the snow.  I hope to not see snow for a very long time.  All y’all northerners can keep the cold snowy weather.   😉 I am done.  I am tired of the cold wet weather.  I want my flip-flops back!


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