Are chickens like kids?

I have come to realize that chickens are a lot like children.  It doesn’t matter how many parenting books that you read before they arrive, once you bring home your bundle of joy, in those first few months (or years) you usually have absolutely no idea what you’re doing.  How do I put on a diaper?  How long should they sleep at night?  When should I feed them solid food?  You’re constantly asking for advice for one thing or another.

Like babies, chickens need to stay warm.  Only instead of wrapping them in a nice cotton blankie, the chicks have a heat lamp that keeps their brooder at a toasty 80°.  Instead of learning to walk, our little chicks are learning to fly.  I could go on.

I know I should have, and probably still should considering the amount we have gone through.  Case in point, Runt.   Runt has, what I have come to figure out, “pasty butt”.   I know, eew, gross, but she does.  Yes, I do whip her little chicken tooshie with a baby wipe, or warm paper towel.  Because frankly, if she’s not clean, that is just as gross and she could die.  From what I have read,  it is that serious.  Runt has had this delicate issue for about a week now.  I am not sure why she has it or how to make it go away.

Again, no matter how many chicken books that I read before I brought them home, not one of them prepared me for wiping my chickens toosh!  Nor, would I have ever thought I would be be doing it.


One thought on “Are chickens like kids?

  1. When raising baby chicks they will occasionally get Pasty Butt. This happens because their little digestive system is upset and they don’t have good bacteria in their tummy yet. When momma hen raises chicks, they get good bacteria from picking at the hen’s poo. UGH Nature knows best. When raising chicks you have to monitor them and clean off the poo. Most importantly, you have to adjust their diet and get good bacteria in their tummy. Feed them a little plain yogurt, mixed in their chick starter. Mash up a hard boiled egg yolk and feed that to the chicks. You’ll see results fast. No more Pasty Butts.

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