One broody chick

broody-carrotIn an effort to find the soft shell egg culprit, every 30-45 minutes or so, I pop my head into the coop to see what’s happening.  Take a mental note, then head inside to jot it down {because after a while I will forget}.

Around 8 am, I was letting the chickens out, did a head count.


Big Momma….Check…

Lil’ Red…Check…


Carrot….Carrot…No Carrot…

Lil’ Comb….Nope, she’s missing too.

The two missing ladies, are nesting.  Awww,  how cute.  Until Lil’ Comb lets out the worst blood curdling screech I have ever heard.  WOW! Someone is not a morning bird.

Nope, I take that back, the worst screech growl came from the nesting box next door.  Carrot opened her mouth and screeched again.  Oh, my! I guess somebody needs some coffee in the morning!  Geesh!  So, I turned and left them in peace.  They were none to keen on me invade their…um…quite time.

The bright side, they didn’t lay any soft eggs.  And we haven’t had one yet today.  Woo-hoo!


3 thoughts on “One broody chick

  1. Mine will yell at you if you invade their quiet time too. They kick all of the other girls out of the coop too and take turns doing their business while the others wait outside the door patiently. Silly girls! They can be quite convincing when they want to be! Glad there were no soft eggs today!

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