The burrito sound test.

Have you ever wondered what happens when you drop a very hot burrito on the floor?  Or what sound it makes?

Well, wonder no more!  I have tested just what will happen so that y’all won’t have to wonder anymore.

Last night we had bean burritos for dinner.  Everyone else had their plates made, and was eating.  I was alone in the kitchen, making a Food Network worthy plate of food, when my fingers decided to test out the “burrito sound theory”.

Down my burrito went.



Oh, no! I killed my burrito!  Oh, I crack myself up.burrito

As I stood there staring at my mutilated burrito, I thought, well, that’s what you get for holding a flour tortilla filled with flaming hot lava.  You drop it.

So, learn from my impatientness.  Wait for the burrito to cool off before handling  and you won’t drop your burrito to its doom.

Luckily, I made extras.


A few uses for Vinegar

What’s a girl to do when it’s raining,  too wet to work outside, and there is that itchy feeling in the back of your throat that usually indicates a cold?

Between throwing the tennis ball around for the dogs and laundry, I decided to keep up with my spring cleaning.  Yes, I am still spring cleaning.  I figured that if I work in one room at a time, it would be less overwhelming.  The problem is, the cleaning has not stopped!  The clutter just seems to be multiplying today.  Since no one is here today, I think I may be able to fill a box for a donation to Goodwill.

While straightening the pantry (hey, I was there anyway), I was reading the back of the vinegar container.  Did you know you can do more with vinegar other than making a volcano or making pickles?

Here are a few of my favorite uses from the label:

  • Make a wrinkle spray by mixing  1 part vinegar with 3 parts water.  Mist dried, wrinkled clothes and hand to dry.
  • Protect your garden from unwanted pest by soaking a few rags with vinegar and place the rags in stakes around the garden’s perimeter.  Be sure to resoak the rags every seven days or so.  Hmm, there’s a thought.
  • Ease the irritation from a sunburn, bug bites, poison oak or ivy rashes by dabbing the affected areas with a cotton ball that has been dipped in vinegar.  This will defiantly come in handy as poison ivy begins to sprout!
  • Clean produce you bought from the store by rinsing your fruits and veggies with 4 tablespoons of vinegar mixed with one gallon of water.

There are a multitude of other uses for vinegar such as a laundry booster and a drain deodorizer, but I’m not going to bore you with all of them.

I discovered a suprise today…

So, there I was standing in the kitchen, washing my hands before beginning dinner.  I just so happened to look over to my right and glanced at the cabbage.  I glanced again.  And again.  That can’t be, could it?  It is, the cabbage is growing. cabbage_jar

What?  Cabbages can do that?  Huh?  This poor little baby cabbage plant got sat on by Boux in the garden several weeks ago.  It was pretty, and I thought it would look nice in a small vase.  I cut it back and brought it inside, rinsed it off and put it in a little pill bottle filled with water.


I didn’t think that it would last a few days.  Honestly, I forgot it was next to my coffee pot.  I rarely look over there after I’ve finished drinking my coffee.

But there it was, roots growing on it.  cabbage

Pretty cool, huh?  I find it fascinating.

Did you know cabbage would do that?

A few unique uses for Rice


We all have rice in our pantry or cupboard as a staple food.  Did you know rice can be used for a multiple of other uses?  For instance,  I always put a few grains of rice in my salt shaker to keep the salt from clumping.

Here are a few others uses.

  • A handful of uncooked rice mixed with soapy water can clean the gunk-y stuff in your vases or spray bottles.  Just fill your container that you’re cleaning quarter of the way and give a couple of good swirl.  Pour out the water and rice, then rinse.  Tada!
  • The next time you jump in the lake and forgot your cell phone in your pocket, don’t panic.  There’s no need to call your phone provider.  DO NOT  TURN ON THE PHONE! That can cause the phone to short circuit. Just fill a large bowl with rice.  Remove the battery, and the SIM card. Place both the battery and phone in the bowl of rice overnight.  If your phone still won’t work, you may need to call your provider then.  * I would not suggest eating the rice afterward.  Well, unless you like fishy lake water.*
  • Instead of buying those expensive pie beads, fill your pie shell with rice.
  • Pour some rice onto an ant bed, the ants carry the grains back to the colony.  The rice will expand in their stomachs, killing the ants.  Who knew?  I guess I shouldn’t have bought that expensive ant killer last week.
  • Pour two cups of uncooked rice into a clean sock, leaving space for movement, tie off the end.  Place in the microwave for one minute.  After a minute, squish it around, and use as a heat pack for sore muscles.  *Caution, it may be hot!


Kitchen Do’s and Don’ts

I haven’t always known how to cook.  I once burned a pack of instant Ramen Noodles! Yeah, I did. I also haven’t always known how to hold a knife. Basically, if it didn’t come from a box, can, or the freezer, we ate out.   I am happy to report that today that even though I may not always hold my knife correctly,  I can not only cook instant ramen, I can also whip up a pretty tasty pie (from scratch) and a yummy loaf of bread.

Since today is National Pancake Day, I thought I would share with you some lessons learned in kitchen.  *Please note: some of these things may be a no brainer for you, but I’m kinda accident prone.

  • DO always wear an oven mitt. Well, unless you want your fingers extra crispy.
  • DO NOT forget to move your fingers from in front of the knife if you plan on keeping them.
  • When you’re wearing a new shirt, DO wear an apron. This way you won’t ruin your shirt. I have lost count of the number of shirts I have had to replace.
  • DO NOT mistake your fingers for cheese when using a cheese grater. That kinda hurts. I must be the only one who does that!
  • DO set the kitchen timer.  And DON’T forget your food in the hot box. If you smell smoke, DON’T walk to the oven – run.

I hope you can learn from my accidents.  New clothes and a stocked medicine cabinet of bandages can get rather expensive.

Happy Cooking!