the new chicks

 Remember the broody hen that we had back in September?  She successfully hatched her clutch.  Three girls and three boys.  Just what I need, more roosters!  I don’t know if she had kicked them all from the nesting box or if they fell out, but when I went in the coop that morning, they were all on the floor.  Cold.   baby-chicks


So, I brought them all inside to warm up a bit and take a few pictures like I always do.  Some one was photogenic that day.

Here they are now.  The only recent pictures I could find was of them in the snow.  We ended up buying 6 more chicks from the feed store the week after they hatched just in case we lost any.  Which we did.  One of the roosters got a cold.  Then we gave one of the other roosters away to a friend, leaving us with one rooster and nine hens.  I am still looking for a home for the roo, interested?