What to do when hens lay soft-shell eggs

soft-shell-eggWe have gotten six eggs now that have been soft shell.  this just will not do.  The problem is I don’t know which one of the girls are laying these oh so fragile eggs.  Well, they need more calcium in their diet.  We all do, right?  So, what’s a girl  to do?

I can begin giving them crushed oyster shells.  Check – already did that, they just eat around it.

Maybe grapes will do the trick.  They LOVE grapes.  They remind me of that little bird that goes cuckoo for coco puffs.  They go nuts!

Perhaps I should dig up some of the earthworms from the compost.

Next time I buy me some yogurt, I guess I should buy an extra tub for the chickens.  I wonder if they would prefer plain or Greek, Yoplait or Oikos?

Who knew chickens would (and could) eat cheese?  It makes some since I suppose.  They can also eat spinach, corn tortillas, cinnamon and basil.  They can also eat cabbage.  Apparently I bought some picky chickens, because mine turn their beak up at cabbage.

I guess I should go to the grocery store.  I am all out of yogurt and cheese.  Now that I think of it…I am out of a whole lot of that stuff.


I caught it!

A few days ago I noticed some of the lower leaves were missing on one of the tomato plants.  At first I thought the chickens had been snacking on them.

tomato-hornwormThat was until yesterday, when the top leaves were gone.  Completely gone.  I knew that a hornworm was responsible.  So, the search was on, but to no avail.  Mr. T. Hornworm was nowhere to be found.

Until 7 am this morning when I caught him eating the remaining side stalks of the very same plant.  Of course, I had to snap a few pictures, and share because I know y’all are anxious to see a photo.  Of course, I had to snip the stalk with Mr. Tomato Hornworm safely attached, still snacking.  And of course, I had to see if the chickens wanted to have a snack.

When I left them, they were still taunting it and pecking at it.  Because of his size, I don’t think they will eat the worm.

Mornin’ Egg

dropped-eggOne of the girls thought the back steps were the perfect place to lay and egg.  It had not been there just twenty minutes before and was still warm, so she had just laid it.  In fact, I almost stepped on it.double-yolkThis egg was as perfect as and egg could get.  It was a nice large double yolked egg.  I mean, even the yolks were beautiful.

The down side, it was cracked. Bummer.  Boux got a nice breakfast treat.  Though, I can’t imagine he appreciated the goodness of the eggs, since he was finished before I could even blink!  I think I will start to leave them in the coop for a few extra hours in the morning…Just in case.

That makes me wonder how many other eggs are lost in the yard.  That’s the downsized of letting the chickens free-range, I suppose.