I caught it!

A few days ago I noticed some of the lower leaves were missing on one of the tomato plants.  At first I thought the chickens had been snacking on them.

tomato-hornwormThat was until yesterday, when the top leaves were gone.  Completely gone.  I knew that a hornworm was responsible.  So, the search was on, but to no avail.  Mr. T. Hornworm was nowhere to be found.

Until 7 am this morning when I caught him eating the remaining side stalks of the very same plant.  Of course, I had to snap a few pictures, and share because I know y’all are anxious to see a photo.  Of course, I had to snip the stalk with Mr. Tomato Hornworm safely attached, still snacking.  And of course, I had to see if the chickens wanted to have a snack.

When I left them, they were still taunting it and pecking at it.  Because of his size, I don’t think they will eat the worm.


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