Mornin’ Egg

dropped-eggOne of the girls thought the back steps were the perfect place to lay and egg.  It had not been there just twenty minutes before and was still warm, so she had just laid it.  In fact, I almost stepped on it.double-yolkThis egg was as perfect as and egg could get.  It was a nice large double yolked egg.  I mean, even the yolks were beautiful.

The down side, it was cracked. Bummer.  Boux got a nice breakfast treat.  Though, I can’t imagine he appreciated the goodness of the eggs, since he was finished before I could even blink!  I think I will start to leave them in the coop for a few extra hours in the morning…Just in case.

That makes me wonder how many other eggs are lost in the yard.  That’s the downsized of letting the chickens free-range, I suppose.


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