…Then there was One…

Rooster that is.hamYou see, we knew there would be issues with have multiple roosters with so few hens.  It’s not like we planned it that way, it was nature.  There was one rooster in particular who was very aggressive.  He would chase Kate around the yard, she still won’t go out side if the chickens are free-ranging.  I have a few battle wounds to further prove his aggression.  Such as the time when I was pulling weeds from one of the garden boxes, and here come Red the Rooster.  I notice him, ignore him, and continue with my chore, when in a blink of an eye he decides to reach through the bean trellis and bit my hand!  No, I did not provoke him.  But I did slide my orange crock from my foot and throw it at him.  Bad Rooster!

I could go on.  I won’t bore you.  Needless to say, two Saturdays ago, Mr. Dad decided it was time for the other three roosters to go.  Into the freezer, that is.  Hey, we got to eat, right?  So, after watching several You Tube videos on the subject, he was confident the dreadful task could be handled.


Today, our flock is down to Ham and the five hens.  The chickens could not seem to be happier!  We got our first egg that next day, and at least on egg every day.  Proof that the girls are no longer under stress.  first-six


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