Gardening Frustration

I stood there this morning, after a heavy sigh, my head down, annoyed, angry and profoundly stumped.  In a way I knew this  may be the outcome.  Why the multitude of emotion?  Because once again my arch nemeses, the Evil Cabbage Looper  (or cabbage worm) has struck again!  Damn things won’t go away!

This is what my beautiful broccoli looked like 2 weeks ago.


Pow! Almost overnight, a near total destruction.  This was taken this morning. *sigh*  After some google-ing, some people have had results with a flour-cayenne pepper mix.   So, that’s what I did.after-cabbage-worms

What would have been a nice head of cauliflower.  It is a complete wash.

eaten-cauliflower The flour mixture was all well and good.  Then bam!   Another pest problem.  Fire Ants.  So, from one problem to another.  Any ideas of what I should do now?  I am tapped out today, and it’s only 10:30 am.  ants

 I have walked away this morning with a new-found respect for the organic farmers across America.  No wonder the price of organic produce is expensive.  It’s not because of the “fad”, it’s because growing food without the use of pesticides is hard work.  Sure, it would be very easy to just sprinkle and spray Seven Dust all over the place.  But then Kate (or I) would not be able to go out and snipe of the tops of the broccoli or onions and eat them, which she is notorious of doing.  Sure, we could come inside and wash them real good before hand.  Honestly, who wants to eat food with poison on it!



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