a Late garden update – May 2013

I snapped these pictures a few weeks ago, but with school being out and keeping the Kiddos occupied, I kinda forgot about uploading them.  Oops.  So, without further ado…

The first cucumber flower.  I think I see pickles for Nate in the near future.


The beautiful sunflowers that were standing so tall are now droopy.  I thought they needed more water.  They were still sagging.  After some research, turns out they are about three weeks ready for harvest.droopy-sunflowerWe were a few days away from somebody snacking on a strawberry.  The bad news, since the flower-pot it’s in is on the ground away from other stuff, it didn’t get picked until it was very ripe.  The good news…there are two more growing. Woo-hoo, that 2 more than last year!

strawberryThe snow peas got picked later that day.  I am sure they would have been good, but they never got eaten.  That’s a sad story for another day.

sweet-peaLook! Our first tomatoes of the year.  I forgot wich ones they were supposed to be, turns out permanent marker doesn’t last long on cinder block.  Then, my memory kicked in and I remembered, Cherry Tomato.  I picked them a few days ago so they could ripen inside.  Maybe by not letting them ripen on the vine I may get more fruit?



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