Finally…It’s done. Well, done-ish.

This is the coop before we started our little project.  It began as a pig pen when Nate came home from Grandpa’s house several summers ago with two quarter pot-belly piglets.  How could we say “No” when they were already here and Grandpa already said “Yes”? Don’t you hate when that happens?  Any who, it got repurposed.

Coop-beforeOnce we removed all of the old wall panels and cleaned up all of the old debris, it was time to dig some holes for the posts.  Then we began framing for the foundation.

coop-post-dugTo cut down on the amount of concrete we would need we added and packed what seemed like a ton of dirt.  I am not a fan of dirt work, or digging with the post whole digger.  After all the dirt was nice and packed, I left Roxie to guard the dirt for any dirt thieves while I got the metal grid for the concrete.  She make an awesome dirt guard.

dirt-addedWith the mess in place, it’s time for concrete.  Here’s a tip: if possible mix the concrete in a tractor bucket.  That way you can mix more than a bag at a time.  And be certain you buy enough concrete in the first place so you won’t have to go on a scavenger hunt on a Sunday afternoon when most stores are closed.

mesh-and-concreteAfter the concrete foundation was poured and leveled, we made sure our pesky cats left their mark.  Why can’t a cat tell that concrete is wet?

cat-paw-printsThe Weather decided to we needed a delay, because it rained for a few days while we were waiting for the concrete to dry.  Once we could walk on it, it was onto adding the walls.  We went the “lazy” way.  Adding the OSB first, then cutting the excess.

walls-addedWe dug a six-inch trench around the run.  Then it was time to add the chicken fence, which we overhung into the trench.


What chicken coop would be complete without some “Southern Flair”?  Plus we need exterior walls.  Using salvaged cedar fence panels, we made lap siding and trim.


completed-fenceWith all of the siding and fencing installed and completed, it was time for more concrete.

concrete-trenchI would say that the chickens are quite content with their new abode.  And hey, now we have 4 Roosters!  You know what they say about too many roosters in one hen-house.


happy-chickWe still have some trim work to do, and some nesting boxes to make.  But the chickens don’t need those right now.  At least now they are out of the dinning room and the house is back to normal.

4 thoughts on “Finally…It’s done. Well, done-ish.

    • I still have to finish the nesting boxes, they aren’t needed yet. I can not wait until the girls are laying eggs.
      Thanks for passing along the post. Good luck to your daugther and son-in-law!

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