Crazy string and slugs

Yesterday afternoon I bought Kate her first can of crazy string.  I know, I know, crazy right?  That stuff makes such a mess!  Now that she has been able to experience all that a can of crazy string can offer,  I don’t think I will be buying it again.  That stuff is not suited for a person with OCD.  Again, it is very messy, luckily we were outside, so it’s not like it got all over the house.  Only on the pile of logs.   In fact, Kate was having so much fun with her new-found crazy string that she failed to notice the family of slugs living in one of the logs.  Those suckers with all of the slimy trails were the biggest slugs I think I have ever seen.

slug-1While I was off grabbing the camera {because these things need to be docutmented, right?}, Kate thought it would be a cool to see if the crazy string would stick to the slugs.


At least this way, if the Slug Family makes their way to my garden, they can easily by identified.  I hope they don’t make it that far.  That reminds me of that joke where the slug knocks on the door.  That joke was so silly, it is almost humorous.

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