A quick garden update

It has been a very busy few days around here.  We have attended two award ceremonies this week.  One child got a Good Citizenship and Principle’s Award, while the other got more awards than we can remember.  Summer has officially started for the youngest, there have already been a comment made about boredom, of course that was when it was time to clean up said child’s room.  It is a mess, I tell you, a utter mess.

During this past week, I have decided without a doubt that those mystery plants from the compost are indeed pumpkins.  Most have flowered and now have fruit.  We were hoping for squash or maybe a cantaloupe or two, but I guess we were meant to have a bountiful supply of pumpkins.  I think I know what the kids will be doing this fall.


pumpkin-fruitSpeaking of squash, they have finally bloomed and have fruit.  I can’t wait until I get to try a new squash recipe, I usually just grill them.  The same recipes can become a bit monotonous don’t you think?

squashSome of the sunflowers have reached unthinkable heights.  I have learned that sunflowers aren’t suited for containers.  I will spare you a photo of those, it’s sad, but have a look-see at what the others are up to.  I’ve read that sunflowers make nice treats for the chickens.  And us too.


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