Boux the Chicken Sitter + A Quick Update

Last week, I brought the chickens out for a little rec time in the garden.  It was a nice warm sunny day, and I needed to clean out the brooder.  It was a win-win.  So, one by one the not so little chicks go placed in the garden.  After they were all safely reunited in the garden, Boux had to keep a watchful eye on them.  He started at the back door,

Boux-at-doorThat wasn’t quite close enough for him, I guess, because he made his way to the garden fence.  Boux laid there on the ground for quite some time, just watching the free entertainment and keeping guard.




That brings us to Monday.  After a very busy week last week, Mr. Dad and I, brought Thing 1 and Thing 2 and Boux and Roxie to the Lake for a little Rand R.  We left Pops-in-law in charge of the chickens.  They aren’t much trouble {Food + Clean Water}, so we thought he could handle them.   While we were out, one of them knocked over the water, getting all of the bedding wet.  So, Monday, that needed to be added to my out-of-town make-up list.  Did I mention that the chickens can fly now?  Given their new-found talent, I we did not feel the garden is an adequate recess area.  Now, where should I put them?  Lightbulb moment!  I can block off the entry room, and let them play in there for a while.  Brilliant!

Red-girlsNot so much.  See, that black hen hiding behind Eggs and Omelette?  She can fly pretty high, on top of that mattress in fact.  They have gotten quite large and have out grown their brooder already.  We will try to finish up their coop this weekend.  It’s warm enough outside, the temperature stays in the 50-60s at night, I’m sure they will be fine.  I have also learned over the last few days that gloves are most definitely needed when  trying to grab reccess time is over because those claws are MIGHTY SHARP!  We may also be selling or giving away a chicken.Runt-at-5wksAnyone want a pet Rooster?  This is Runt at about 5 weeks.  He has begun to show the same markings as the other two Roos.  Until the hens begin to produce eggs, we won’t know for sure, but if Runt turns out to be a rooster, I will have to find him a new home.  Mr. Dad said we can’t have 3 roosters in the same hen-house.


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