Hidden nest

I was checking on the dewberry patch several days ago and found a nest camouflaged inside.   I didn’t expect to find anything in it sence we have been finding unoccupied nests lately.

bird-nestTo my surprise, it was being rented out to Mrs. Sparrow (or at least I think she is a  sparrow).  Inside there two tiny blue speckled eggs the size of a pecan.  I guess Mrs. Sparrow saw me coming and decided it would be a great time to go to the grocery store, because I didn’t see her anywhere.  That was good for me,  I got to snap a few pictures before she got back.

egg-in-nestI went out this morning to check on the little eggs.  Mrs. Sparrow was out again.  Maybe I should call next time I go for a visit, she is always out.  The eggs had hatched, the cute little eggs were replaced by the ugliest little bird!  It’s so ugly it’s so darn cute.

baby-birdI would say that Mamma Sparrow pick a pretty good spot for her nest.  I don’t think predators can get to her babies.


Y’all enjoy your morning!


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