the potatoes have flowers…

…Now what?potato-flower

Well, I could dig around the plant a bit to find some “new potatoes”.  Those new potatoes would make for a killer roasted potato salad, which would be good for a Memorial Day BB-Q.  Maybe I could make smooshed potatoes (roasted with olive oil then smooshed when you pull out of the oven).  The possibilities are endless.

Or, I could wait until late summer when the plants have died back.  This may yield a higher crop with larger baking type potatoes.   There is a mixture of Irish and Fingerlings.   Fingerlings take longer to mature and reach the right size, another reason to wait on the harvest.  Since they are so much smaller than a baking potato, a new fingerling potato probably wouldn’t be that big.

Last year, I harvested maybe 7 small potatoes.  As much as I want to dig around in the dirt to check the progress, I think I am going to wait to see just how many potatoes we can get from this square foot box of taters.   Waiting is going to rather hard, I am not a patient person!

When I decide it is time to harvest our spuds from their little resting places, it will need to be on a clear, sunny day.  Dry soil is better, otherwise it may bruise and crack the potatoes, and no one wants a bruised or cracked tater on their plate!


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