Chick’s first outing

The Man with the Answers at the Ag Store said we could start bringing the chicks outside during the day to get them acclimated to the weather before moving them to their coop.  Saturday we brought our little chicks out for a brief field trip.   Carrot and Eggs were the first to volunteer for the adventure.

1stOuting-1Omelette was soon to follow.

1st-Outing-2It had been a week since we started giving them the meds for coccidiosis, which they’re finished with it now.  Apparently that was why Runt seemed to grow very slowly.  She seems fine now, of course she seemed fine before, she has even grown a lot over the past seven days.

1st-Outing-3So, what do you think?  Will Bacon turn out to be a Rooster or a Hen?  Hmmm.

1st-Outing-4It’s obvious Ham is a cockerel.  Just take a look at his comb.  He has made a few strange sounds lately.  I think he may be trying to crow.

1st-Outing-5Benedict is not a fan of the camera, she runs for cover every time she sees the camera.  That’s a girl for you!  We still haven’t named the other chickens.  I’m sure they will be something like: Scramble, Fried, Sunny, Poached, or maybe even Pickle.  Are y’all seeing the trend here?  They are food after all.



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