Garden Update – April 2013

Some of the plants are beginning to take off.  I am optimistic about a good harvest this summer, though it may still be too early to say that, I may only be jinxing myself.  Just take a look at those potatoes!  I did not get those kind of results last year, and I tried twice.


I am concerned about the potato towers.  I haven’t planted potatoes in a tower buried in pine straw so I am not sure how that will turn out.  But gardening is half experiment, right?


Even last year’s red cabbages that we transplanted into some of the boxes look to be doing great.  I think the cabbage playing peak-a-boo in the potatoes may be happy, and happy plants make for tasty eats later.


Speaking of cabbages…how about thoses cabbages? And the broccoli and cauliflower.  I think they may be alright.


There is one of those mystery melon-gourd-type plants growing in the tomato box.  It’s one of the biggest ones.  I planted some cucumbers with the other mystery plants that I planted a few weeks ago in the back row of cinder blocks.  The jury is still out on what they will end up being.  Maybe I should do one of those raffle things that people do during the Super Bowl.  There’s a thought.


The nasturtium looks beautiful in between the beans.  I still have some beans to plant in the box, along with more to plant in the other cinder blocks.  First, I need to go to my favorite home improvement store to buy more blocks.  Those things are so versatile aren’t they.

nasturtiumThe sunflowers and onions are thriving in their blocks.  Now we have to wait for the tomatoes to do their thing and produce some fruit.  The kids can’t wait.  Tomatoes are their favorite.  I don’t think they would care if I planted anything else.tomato-onion-row-4.23

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