The Cannas return

Some of us got off to a slow start this morning, coming minutes from missing the school bus, while others missed it by merely seconds.  The thunderstorms and rain made working in the garden impossible today, so I took this opportunity to organize all of the pictures on my hard-drive.

Remember all of the cannas that I dug up a few months ago?  Well, I am happy to report they are alive and well!  Mr. Dad didn’t want all of those totes hanging out all winter (neither did I) so we went ahead and planted them in front on the fence in the front yard.


Don’t pay any attention to the over grown weeds in the ditch next to the road that are trying to make their way into the yard.  Some day real soon I hope to get our (ahem) “yard guy” to bring the weed wacker to, well wack them down.


We can’t kill them.  I found a couple next to an old stump that we burned last year.  Our only guess is that they may have rooted from  some stalks that we had on the stump.  I would say these cannas are almost as hearty as bamboo.


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