What happens when you don’t wear gloves…

*Please note: Some may find the following pictures a tad graphic.  Viewer discretion is advised.*  I joke, they aren’t that bad!

And you work in the yard piling wood on a stump while wearing your bright orange crocs?  What happens when a log comes rolling back at you and you don’t move your hand fast enough? wood-pile

Your finger gets smashed.  Ripping half of the cuticle off your finger, that’s what.  Way to go, smarty!  Now your finger is bleeding!  Isn’t that nice!  Incase you couldn’t tell, that was sarcasm there. I promise, Mom, my bo-bo is much worse in the picture than in real life.  The cut I got yesterday hurts much worse.


Learn from me, y’all.   Always wear garden gloves, no matter what.  Crocs, I repeat, crocs are not the ideal shoe to do any kind of yard work in.

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