Room to fly

Over the weekend the temporary chick house need it scheduled clean up.  The little chicks also needed some more space, who doesn’t like that, right?

So I set off to find a new box, or crate, or tote, or anything bigger really.  I first thought maybe the old pig bucket.   It is durable enough, but isn’t much bigger and it lacked a lid.

Maybe a cardboard box?  Nope, we didn’t have one large enough.  Plus, realistically, once it got wet, it’s useless.

Oohh, maybe that tote.  Naw, that won’t work.  It has car parts in it and there isn’t anywhere to put the car parts.  What about the Christmas tote?  No, not that one either.  What would we do with all of the Christmas decorations?  Maybe we could cut two totes, then tape them together to form one BIG tote.  Nope, we’re out of the good tape.

I wish we had a playpen.  That may work perfectly!

Hmmm.  What to use?  After an eternity of frustration, it was time for me to pick up Nate for his friend’s.  Mr. Dad said he would think of something.  I was secretly hoping that he would clean the cage too.

Upon our arrival from our little excursion down the street, we found Mr. Dad next to a pile of wood and the table saw.  Keep in mind that before I left, I told him “It’s after 3 in the afternoon, I don’t want to spend hours on Sunday afternoon working on a “project”.

It looked like a project was in the midst.

After a few hours of him tinkering outside the shed, he had created a pretty impressive little chicken brooder.  All of it with little scraps of wood and leftover pieces of this and that, so it was completely 100% FREE.  I like free!  No, I love anything that is free.


He built a little 3-story chick-y condo, complete with roosting bars, and “balconies”.   Now our nine little baby chickens have room to spread their wings and fly.

booder-sideview brooder-roosts

So, thank you Mr. Dad.  You rock!  You can make that out of a pile of junk!  Thank you.


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