Minus One…

It has been one day shy of a weeks since I brought home our new additions.  In that week we have lost two of the six Rhode Island Red hens.  Discovered that we may have gotten two cockerels instead of one, only time will tell on that one.chicks

Yesterday, since it has been almost a week, and the dinning room was beginning to smell a bit “chicky”, I decided it was time to clean out the chicken’s temporary home.   So, one-by-one Ham, Bacon, Carrot, Egg, and the other five unnamed chicks were place in a box.

All of them except ,unnamed Chick Number 10.  Number 10 died some time before 7 am (when we were all chirping at them through the crate) and 10 am when I came inside to clean the crate.

Chick Number 10 was a Rhode Island Red.  Another Rhode Island Red.  What is it about these birds?  Was there some sort of genetic something-or-other from one of the parent chickens?  Or was it a parasite or something?  There hasn’t been any signs of illness.  The heat lamp is on, hovering around 80°.  Fresh water and food has been constantly supplied.

It seems to only be Rhode Island Reds.  We still have all six of the Cuckoo Marans.  They seem to be going strong.

Hmm.  I think it’s a mystery that we may never know the answer to.  Y’all have any ideas?  I wish I knew a chicken expert.  Wait a minute…I think I may know a guy.


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