The burrito sound test.

Have you ever wondered what happens when you drop a very hot burrito on the floor?  Or what sound it makes?

Well, wonder no more!  I have tested just what will happen so that y’all won’t have to wonder anymore.

Last night we had bean burritos for dinner.  Everyone else had their plates made, and was eating.  I was alone in the kitchen, making a Food Network worthy plate of food, when my fingers decided to test out the “burrito sound theory”.

Down my burrito went.



Oh, no! I killed my burrito!  Oh, I crack myself up.burrito

As I stood there staring at my mutilated burrito, I thought, well, that’s what you get for holding a flour tortilla filled with flaming hot lava.  You drop it.

So, learn from my impatientness.  Wait for the burrito to cool off before handling  and you won’t drop your burrito to its doom.

Luckily, I made extras.

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