Another one bites the dust

I’m reminded of the song from Queen.  I’m sure you know the song. It’s still stuck in my head.

Not trying to make lite of the situation, but over the weekend two of our Rhode Island Red chicks died.  Since I am not a vet, nor am I a coroner, we only have theories as to the cause of death of Chick #1 and Chick #2.  We knew that may happen, that was why we bought twelve.  I am beginning to think that Marans may be a bit hardier than the Rhode Islands.  Only time will tell.

Now we have eight hens, and one rooster (named Ham).  He can be identified by the bright blue dot on the top of his head.

Eight out of 10 chickens

OR do we have two roosters?  The black chick with the large fuzzy yellow spot on top of its head could be a rooster also.   The yellow markings on the top of the hens are brighter and more compact, whereas the markings on top of a rooster are more, well, “feathered” out.  Hmmm. You can kinda tell from the picture.  Only time will tell.


Over the weekend, we layed concrete for their new home.  We bought 20 bags thinking that may be enough.  Wouldn’t you know it we were half a bag short.  Half. A. Bag.  Do you know how hard it is to find one bag of concrete on a Sunday?  We ended up driving nearly twenty miles to town for one bag.  So we bought nine more, plus four sheets of OSB, and five more wood fence post.  You never know, next time I need a bag of concrete or a fence post, hopefully I won’t have to drive back for one.


After our hour-long trip to our favorite hardware store, we come home with our one bag of concrete plus our haul of extras, and finished the slab.  Have you ever run out of materials for a project? Only to find most of the stores are closed (or out).  I hate when that happens.

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