What’s in the box?

Today, while running errands, I stopped by the feed store to pick up the twelve chickens that I ordered.  When I got home, Boux was rather curious about what was in the chirping box.


After watching him circle the crate for a while, I thought I would actually let the chickens out of the box.  Heyyy!   Bark, Bark, Bark.  What are those?  Whine, Whine, Whine.

chick-in-boxI ended up deciding on six Rhode Island Red hens, five Marans hens, and one Marans rooster.  The Marans will end up laying some really cool dark purple/red eggs.  Beat that grocery store eggs!  The small Rhode Island Red was the first to find the food.


When the kids got home from school, Kate had a time getting to know them.  She had to hold ALL of them.


Then she decided it was time for me to hold one so she could take pictures for a while.


After several long minutes of cuddling the fluffy little additions, it was time for them to go back into the crate.  Sleepy time!  Here’s hoping anyway.



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