The grass is greener

Several weeks ago, while I was tinkering in the garden, Boux started going nuts.  He just would not stop barking.  I glanced up to see what the commotion was all about, spotted the cows that we can always see through the woods.  Then I went back to work.

Boux kept barking.  After a few more minutes of the nonstop bark-fest, I looked more intently.  That was when I noticed that the neighbor’s cows were a bit closer than I originally thought.


It looked like Bessy The Cow (aka #269) noticed she had been noticed and posed pretty for the camera.


Bessy’s roaming companion did not feel the same way about being on camera.


Sally The Cow (aka #289) appeared to be the look out.


Or maybe she was looking to see if it was safe to venture across the fence.


In the end, I guess the grass was truly greener on the other side.


Happy grazing.

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