Going on a frog hunt…

Yesterday before dinner, Kate decided she wanted to have frog legs for dinner.  Yes, frog legs.  Our children like to eat what some may find as strange food.  Have you ever been on a frog hunt?  It’s easy peasy.

First you find your frog or frogs.


Once you find them, you have to move quick to get them in your hand.  If your lucky they may stay there.


When walking on the edge of the pond, make sure to hold them tight. frog-huntIf you find yourself digging in the mud for more frogs, hold the ones that you have REAL tight.

frog-hunt-2At some point, you are bound to need a rest from all of the frog hunting.  Have a seat on the edge of the pond.  Make sure you dangle your boots in the water, smile big for the camera.  But remember,  hold on tight to those frogs!  frog-hunt-3In the end, I was able to convince her that a.) her frogs were not large enough to eat, and b.) she couldn’t catch enough.  After much thought on her part, she set them free to hop back to their little froggy homes and grow.


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