What goes up…comes crashing down

Good morning, y’all.  I hope everyone had a happy Easter filled with great food and happy memories with family.  We spent Easter weekend out-of-town.  There must have been a server thunderstorm while we were gone, because the news is still talking about power outages in the area.

We had a busy couple of days with a few stops to see multiple family members, dying and hunting for countless eggs.  The egg hunt was moved inside due to uncooperative rainy weather.

A particular little girl got to help “drive” the big tractor to get hay for the cows and horses.  She’s done that before, but not on the big tractor.


cow horse

Sugar highs reached their peak then crashed down, some of us (ahem, Nate) are dragging to get out of bed this morning.  The foggy weather outside doesn’t really intise a person to get out of bed anyway.nate-in-bed

The garden, however, does not take a break and needs tending to.  I found a place to plant those mysterious little plants that popped up.  Between the multiple loads of laundry, I plan to get some of those replanted.  I am not sure how well my multi-taking will work today, but that’s the plan anyway.  Oh, there is still unpacking to do.

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