Life is full of surprises

Hello Tuesday!

Have you ever noticed that no one ever comes over  for a visit when your house is spotless?  Only when the house is a mess, paper work scattered all over the desk and on the floor because you were three months late on cleaning out the filing cabinet, only then does somebody surprise you with a visit.  It’s like when you go to the grocery store with no makeup on, unwashed hair in a pony-tail covered with a ball cap, then you see a pal.  That never happens when your all cleaned up.   That’s what happened last night.

Yesterday afternoon I had gotten a message on the answering machine from my aunt wanting our address.  I guess she is going to send us a card, I thought.  After dinner, I was checking my Facebook messages, because that’s where I left her our address.  We chat on Facebook for a few minutes, that’s when I get a phone call.  She and my uncle we lost on their way to our house!  WHAT?!  I momentarily had a moment of panic. We had just gotten finished eating dinner, the kitchen counter was a mess because I haven’t gotten the clutter off all week, documents all over the living room floor, dishes in the sink and still on the table.  They were literally minutes from our house,  and there wasn’t anytime to clean.  Then I took a very deep breath and had the realization that the mess just did not matter.  So, what if it’s untidy,  the papers aren’t put up, or the dishes haven’t been put away yet, and that the first time the come to our house it’s a mess.  Talk about first impressions!  Like my aunt said, “If she wanted me to clean, she would have called first.”

It was also surprising to see “mysterious melon-type” plant growing in the garden boxes.  mystery-plant mystery-plant2

The dirt came from the compost, which of course, most likely had the rinds (and seeds) of a melon or two.  It started with one, now there is more than 10.  They will be moved later to their home in the melon patch.  Meanwhile, the melon seeds that I planted a few weeks ago still haven’t sprouted.  Now we should have more than enough melons.  I hope my neighbors want some cantaloupe or watermelon.

Funny how that happens.  Seeds growing in the wrong place.  Unexpected visitors.  Like a lot of people, I am a planner.  I plan everything, even down to the days I do the laundry.  I am beginning to embrace life’s spontaneous surprises.  In the end, if I am stressed out because “something didn’t go as planned”, I end up missing the fun memories that are created.  After all, that is what is important, right?

2 thoughts on “Life is full of surprises

  1. speaking of surprises, is that a typo at the end? <– what are these strange bugs? or did you mean buds? I'm thinking you meant buds, but in any event.. what you wrote is the identical question that's been on my mind today. WHAT are these strange bugs….cause they are beginning to drive me insane!

    • No, it was not a typo. I was writing about bugs. I think you may be referring to the link at the bottom of the page that would bring you to the post about some strange looking bugs that I found in my garden. Sorry for any confusion it may have caused.
      What kind of bugs do you have that are driving you crazy?

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