Memory Loss, Again…

I have the worst memory.  If I don’t write something down, I usually forget.

A prime example is the seedlings that I left on the front porch last night.  I sat them out there to bath in the warm sun, maybe grow a bit because of it.  Unfortunately, the temperature dropped down to a light freeze.  Last time I did that, everything died and I had to start over.

I was cut some slack this morning,  it seems everything lives.  THEY LIVE!  Sorry, I had a Frankinstien moment there.

prod001349_lg{photo credit}

Any who, I decided this morning that I need to buy myself one of those snazzy little grow light kits.  OR, I may be able to talk Mr. Dad to build one.  There’s a thought.  I wonder if he can build one cheaper than I can make one?  If I get a grow light, I won’t have to keep bringing them out, then forgetting to bring them in.

I’m off to Google-land to find a grow light set-up.  It should be warmed up enought out side when I’m done so I can get some work done.  Enjoy your Tuesday!


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