Busting the budget

Woo hoo!  It’s Friday!

And it’s also the beginning of a new month.  I’m so glad it’s a new month.  New month means a new budget.  I went over budget last month, again.   I am excellent at making a budget, it’s the sticking to it that I have a problem with.

I was doing good until we went to Lowe’s.  The way the plants are displayed.  Strategically placing of the flowers so the brightest and prettiest are right in your eye sight.  Placing the bulbs right next to the front door.  Calling you.  As if saying, “Buy me.  Please bring me home with you.  I will look so nice next to that tree!  BUY ME!”  My $200 budget that I set has been shattered.  I don’t think I was very realistic.  Yep, that’s the problem.  That’s the story I am sticking with!

So, just what did I buy?  I am so glad you asked.

With some help from Mr. Dad, I spent $166.00 on 6 – 12 foot 2×12 and 6 – 8 foot 2×10 for the garden boxes.  I bought 4 – 40lb. bags of peat humus that cost $1.23 each.  Mr. Dad and I decided to put a fence around the garden to keep unwanted visitors out.  After stopping by the Ag Store we bought 10 – fence post for $39.50.


I bought more sunflower seeds to plant because I keep losing the others.  This is the third time I bought them.  I think the garden gnome keeps taking them, he obviously doesn’t won’t me to plant them.

We bought two grape vines that I plan to put in the ground this weekend for $12.00.


For those of you that may be keeping count, that brings my total to about $226.00.  Not to bad really, some of what we bought, will not need to be purchased again.  The only think is that the  season hasn’t even started yet.

I haven’t harvested anything yet, but I am a lot more optimistic than I was last year.

Does any one else have issues with keeping to a budget?

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