It’s planting time

Holy smokes, this week is going by with lightning speed.  The whole month has gone by fast.


With the garden boxes nearly complete (all that is left is to mix some dirt), I can finally get to work planting some veggie goodness.  I have been itching for this day, and it couldn’t get here fast enough.

The potatoes that I planted in the pot are growing great.  I think it’s time to add more dirt.


I found a mixture of potatoes in the pantry that are ready to plant.  This year I am going to try various ways to grow potatoes.  I will let y’all know which seems to be the best, just in case y’all get a wild hair to grow your own potatoes.

finger_potato newpotato

Over the weekend it got a bit cold.  I forgot to bring in my little seedlings inside, and I think nearly 90% of them died.  I replanted some seeds to make up for my unfortunate mishap.

greenhouse_2.26 replanting

The onions and garlic must have been hit my some sort of growth hormone.  It seems they have doubled in size over night.  They will be replanted this week, if not today.

onion_2.27 garlic

That’s all the news I have for today.  I’m off to play in some dirt!

Have a good Wednesday y’all, the weekend is almost here.

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