I hate shopping!

Happy Tuesday y’all.

How did y’all spend the weekend?  Did you get anything accomplished or did you lounge around all weekend?   I, ahem, we finally got the garden boxes built.  I’ll share pictures of them later for those who may be interested.

Yesterday, however, was a different story.  Yesterday was a waste.  I spent ALL day shopping for one pair of jeans.  All. Day.  Buying clothes is exhausting!  You see, I only have one pair of jeans.  I know, shocking, how can I have only one pair of jeans?  But I do.  At one time I had half a dozen pair of jeans.  Most were my favorite.  They had fit perfectly, and I had them for many, many years.  Like most things, they kicked the bucket and had to be thrown out.  Now I have one pair of Levi’s and those were supposed to be my “nice” jeans.  The ones that I wore when I went out and needed to wear something besides worn-in pants with holes and stains on them.

The problem may be that I despise paying full price for anything.  It bothers me to pay $30 for a pair of jeans.  For some, that may be a bargin; but for me that’s not gonna happen.  So, there I was a couple dozen jeans tried on later, only to end up with four shirts, a pair of capris that I am not necessarily happy with, and a maxi skirt that I may return.

It’s not like I have a difficult body type.  I am average build and height.  I have a slight tummy, because after two kids, what woman doesn’t, right?  It seems that most jeans are low-rise, skinny jeans.  Jeans designed for someone who looks like a fifteen year old.  Even the models aren’t that small.  No, I was not in the junior section either.  No wonder so many young girls feel bad about themselves.  I mean, come on, who wants to feel like they’re over-weight just because the try on a pair of jeans?

I could go one with my rant about buying jeans,  but I’m not.  I didn’t mean to rant about them at all.  I do apologize for that, and thank you for your patience during my time of extreme frustration.

I don’t like shopping.  Well, I don’t like shopping for clothes.  I like shopping for easy things.  Things like plants or the two faucets I scored for $59 to go in my bathroom.

What about y’all, do you enjoy shopping?

Do any of you have problems, buying jeans?  Surely, I am not the only person with this issue.

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