I discovered a suprise today…

So, there I was standing in the kitchen, washing my hands before beginning dinner.  I just so happened to look over to my right and glanced at the cabbage.  I glanced again.  And again.  That can’t be, could it?  It is, the cabbage is growing. cabbage_jar

What?  Cabbages can do that?  Huh?  This poor little baby cabbage plant got sat on by Boux in the garden several weeks ago.  It was pretty, and I thought it would look nice in a small vase.  I cut it back and brought it inside, rinsed it off and put it in a little pill bottle filled with water.


I didn’t think that it would last a few days.  Honestly, I forgot it was next to my coffee pot.  I rarely look over there after I’ve finished drinking my coffee.

But there it was, roots growing on it.  cabbage

Pretty cool, huh?  I find it fascinating.

Did you know cabbage would do that?


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