Dreary, dreary, oh what a dreary day


There is rain in the forecast, again.  The weather is not enticing me to go outside today.  It’s cold, windy, and dreary.  Just plain depressing.  I had big plans today in the patio area.  Well, they weren’t exactly BIG plans, but plans nonetheless.  Since I had finished raking all of the leaves and pine-straw yesterday, I was going to begin laying newspaper down as a weed barrier.  I can’t get motivated to go out in the 50° weather.

I suppose since it is Wednesday, laundry day, I will just stay inside and do housework.  So, boring.  I don’t like housework.  Who does, really? Oh well, it must be done.

Maybe I will organize something.   I think I will start with the pantry.  Then work my way to my closet.

How’s the weather where you are?  Is it raining or is it a sun shinny day?


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