just a note to self…

Hey genius, tomorrow when you wake up it would be a good idea to take your allergy medicine. It doesn’t matter that you are only popping outside for a quick minute to check on things. You know that you will usually find something to do. You also know that there is something in you yard that you ARE allergic to.

By midday it will be too late. You will already have a stuffy nose, the itchy eyes, and a throbbing head. All you can do now is take some Tylenol.

At least I got the flower garden around the patio cleared, ready for some landscape fabric and milch. The bright side of that is most of the weeds and vines are gone. I got to the root of the problem. (He, he. No pun intended.) Now I can see where the low spots are to be filled.

Do you have allergies? Do you ways remember to take your meds?


2 thoughts on “just a note to self…

  1. I have allergies too, mostly environmental though but am also allergic to cats….and I’m a cat person…I have 2 kitties, one of which likes to sleep on my left shoulder every night. Yeah…I can’t forget to take the meds!! 🙂

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