So, I got ran off today…

**Disclaimer: Some of the following images may be disturbing.  Viewer discretion is advised.**

I joke, they aren’t that bad.  But I did get your attention.

Any way, with the ground dried up from the sticky, muddy mess that it had become, I ventured outside to plant some of the bulbs that I bought earlier in the week.  My plan is to plant bulbs in the flower bed next to the site of the future patio area.  After taking one look at the area,  I decided today would be a great day to clean it up from the winter.


So, there I was, whistling while I worked, minding my own business, ripping up wild bushes and such, that’s when I saw… IT.



IT was not happy at all that I had obviously intruded on IT’S territory.  Well, IT trespassed into MY peaceful space in MY flower garden.  So not cool!

For those of you who may be as freaked out by THEM as I am, I am trying to give you some distance so you can brace yourself…



a very

large and enormous

(Ready for it)



You think I’m silly and childish now, I am sure.

I do not like them Sam I am.  Not in a box or with a fox.  Not. One. Bit. And that is that. I am terrified I tell you, terrified.  They give me nightmares.  I am weirded out just by the picture. Horrid creatures, I don’t know why God created them.  UHH! I know, it is completely irrational.  All I have to do is step on it, but I can’t even do that.  I freeze.  I would rather…rather move a snake.  And I don’t like those either.

Needless to say Mr. Wolf Spider won.  I threw down my shovel and snipers, grabbed my Lily of the Valley and Blue Wonder Toad Lily bulbs and ran inside. (I did brave the conditions long enough to take a picture for you for proof of its grandness.  I had to zoom a lot.)

The bright side…my hads were beginning to hurt anyway, and I have an apple cake to make anyway.  Perhaps this weekend Mr. Dad may plant them for me this weekend.  I am going to stay away for a while, I think.  Maybe IT will leave.

What do you think, would you flight or fight?




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