Too wet for outside work

The sun has finally made an appearance today!  I think it had rained for a week straight.  It’s still to wet outside to do anything other than creating more mud holes.  I’m not into that.  All it does is create more things to clean.  In fact, I am considering buying the dogs some little puppy rain boots just so I don’t have to clean their feet after returning from their outdoor excursions.  Do they even make rain boots for dogs?  If they did, I doubt I would buy them really, other things I could spend money on.  Ooh, like more grape vines!  Last year I bought a grape-vine, only to have it die within the week.  I bought two more a few days ago from my favorite home improvement store.  I suppose I am a glutton for punishment.

Any who, since our yard is a big watery mud pit right now, I took some pictures of the things that have been growing.  It’s cool sometimes to track the progress and to know that: I DID GROW THAT.

I think the cauliflower maybe ready to pick and there is even a small one that I found growing.

  lg_cauliflower baby_cauliflower

The onions are doing great.

sweet_onion red_onion

Most of the seeds that I have planted are almost ready for transplanting.  I guess I need to get those beds done, huh?


The strawberries…I don’t think they have made it.  That’s a bummer!


But, the potatoes are sprouting up.  Maybe containers are the way to go, though until it’s time to harvest I won’t know for sure.

potato1  potato2

I wish I knew when to collect all of those brussels sprouts.brussels_sproutsI guess I’ll do a bit of spring cleaning today.  Maybe tomorrow will be dryer.


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