Rain barrels

Last night, while trying to fix our broken phone line, Mr. Dad broke our rain barrel.  You see, it had just started sprinkling and the rain barrel was in the way.  It was full of water and needed to be cleaned, so he tipped it over.  It was a logical move.  I would have done the same thing, that is if I would have been able to tip the heavy thing over.  As the rain barrel fell to its side we heard it crack.  It didn’t just crack once, but in about nine different places.  He felt terrible.  Terrible not because he had broken our only rain barrel and now we would have to buy a new one.  He felt bad because that dry rotten rain barrel was my grandmother’s.  Poor Guy!  I tried to ease his worry by telling him she had it for a LONG time.  It was dry rotten.  The spigot leaked any way.  It’s better it breaks now than when I am using it.

So, now I have to find a new one.  While looking for a replacement, I came across some pretty cool ones.

{photo credit}

{photo credit}

{photo credit}

{photo credit}

I have come to realize that there are so many ideas out there on the web for a new rain barrel.

What do you think…some thing more traditional, or some thing more unique?

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