A few unique uses for Rice


We all have rice in our pantry or cupboard as a staple food.  Did you know rice can be used for a multiple of other uses?  For instance,  I always put a few grains of rice in my salt shaker to keep the salt from clumping.

Here are a few others uses.

  • A handful of uncooked rice mixed with soapy water can clean the gunk-y stuff in your vases or spray bottles.  Just fill your container that you’re cleaning quarter of the way and give a couple of good swirl.  Pour out the water and rice, then rinse.  Tada!
  • The next time you jump in the lake and forgot your cell phone in your pocket, don’t panic.  There’s no need to call your phone provider.  DO NOT  TURN ON THE PHONE! That can cause the phone to short circuit. Just fill a large bowl with rice.  Remove the battery, and the SIM card. Place both the battery and phone in the bowl of rice overnight.  If your phone still won’t work, you may need to call your provider then.  * I would not suggest eating the rice afterward.  Well, unless you like fishy lake water.*
  • Instead of buying those expensive pie beads, fill your pie shell with rice.
  • Pour some rice onto an ant bed, the ants carry the grains back to the colony.  The rice will expand in their stomachs, killing the ants.  Who knew?  I guess I shouldn’t have bought that expensive ant killer last week.
  • Pour two cups of uncooked rice into a clean sock, leaving space for movement, tie off the end.  Place in the microwave for one minute.  After a minute, squish it around, and use as a heat pack for sore muscles.  *Caution, it may be hot!


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