Kitchen Do’s and Don’ts

I haven’t always known how to cook.  I once burned a pack of instant Ramen Noodles! Yeah, I did. I also haven’t always known how to hold a knife. Basically, if it didn’t come from a box, can, or the freezer, we ate out.   I am happy to report that today that even though I may not always hold my knife correctly,  I can not only cook instant ramen, I can also whip up a pretty tasty pie (from scratch) and a yummy loaf of bread.

Since today is National Pancake Day, I thought I would share with you some lessons learned in kitchen.  *Please note: some of these things may be a no brainer for you, but I’m kinda accident prone.

  • DO always wear an oven mitt. Well, unless you want your fingers extra crispy.
  • DO NOT forget to move your fingers from in front of the knife if you plan on keeping them.
  • When you’re wearing a new shirt, DO wear an apron. This way you won’t ruin your shirt. I have lost count of the number of shirts I have had to replace.
  • DO NOT mistake your fingers for cheese when using a cheese grater. That kinda hurts. I must be the only one who does that!
  • DO set the kitchen timer.  And DON’T forget your food in the hot box. If you smell smoke, DON’T walk to the oven – run.

I hope you can learn from my accidents.  New clothes and a stocked medicine cabinet of bandages can get rather expensive.

Happy Cooking!



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