Update: Laundry Soap

It has been almost three months since I last bought laundry soap.  It has also been three months since I last made laundry soap.

We went into this little experiement of laundry soap making thinking it wouldn’t compair to commerical soap.  The clothes would be dingy and smelly.  That we would miss the Apple Mango smell of the brand we previously used.  Quite the opposite happened.  Our clothes are still clean.  Our whites are still white (well, the clothes that are supposed to be white), and they aren’t dingy.

As far as time cusumed making the detergent.  It has taken me about 30 minutes over the coarse of two days to make.  Fifteen minutes the first day mixing it all up.  Then, maybe fifteen minutes today mixing the congelled mass that was in the bucket.


We would use 200 fl oz. of commercial laundry detergent a month.  At almost $20, that was $240 that we spent buying detergent in a year.  That doesn’t seem like much for something you have to buy, right?  At roughly $2.00 a batch of ten gallons for homemade laundry detergent, I have soap for $8.00 a year.

In the beginning, we used about 2 cups of soap per large load of clothes.  Over the last 3 months, we realized we only need to use about one cup, making the soap last even longer.  Even if we need to make a new batch every three months, we are still saving money.  In fact we  should have saved almost $230 by this time next year if we continue to make our own soap.

I don’t think we will buy commercial laundry soap again.

With all the “farm projects” going on, which one would you use this money for?  Please help!


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