One month down…Eleven to go

It’s Groundhog Day today. That means one month has flown by in what felt like lightning speed. Where did the time go?

Punxsutawney Phil DID NOT see his shadow, bringing spring six weeks sooner. There is so much to do before Spring arrives. Seeds to start, garden beds to build, and soil to mix. The chickens. This year I WILL get chickens! I haven’t finished that project yet. I still need to finish the coop, buy the feeders, and order my little chicks. I suddenly feel so overwhelmed. I’ll break it down into a to do list, and mark each task off one by one.

melon patchI have completed the bed for the melon patch.  It’s prepped and ready to go.  This is where I will grow cantaloupe and watermelon this spring (hopefully in time for a summer harvest).  This fall I will plant some pumpkins, fingers crossed they will be ready by Halloween.

Almost two dozen seeds have been started, most are already seedlings. I have planted nine potato “seeds”, 15 onions, and eight strawberry plants. So some things can be marked off the list.

As far as the chickens go, I have done nothing except procrastinate, when I get around to it.  I did put up some chicken wire. That’s it. I have ALOT to do there.

I’m off to dig in some dirt.

What are y’alls plans for spring?


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