2013’s garden

Last year when I started the garden I had absolutely no idea what I was doing.  Not. One. Idea.  I went to my favorite home improvement box store, bought almost $200 worth of plants (Shh, don’t tell Mr. Dad), and planted them all willie-nillie like.   2012-Garden

That is VERY unlike my OCD self.  I wanted instant gratification so I bought plants instead of seeds.  Bought “exotic” vegetables that most of us (the kids) would not touch once cooked.  Not to mention most of them died.

Well, this year, in an attempt to be more accountable for my spending, I am keeping a tally of the money I have spent on the garden.  Because really, I may as well buy our produce from Mr. Grocer if I am going to spent $200 on only ONE season’s worth of vegetables.

Thus far I have purchased two felt pots for the potatoes,potato_pots

A couple dozen seed packets. Plus, I still have a dozen left from last summer. seeds

And three blue clay pots that were on clearance that I had to have, blue_clay_pot

Spending  only $70.97.

Fingers crossed that I harvest more than the 4 tomatoes and 3 pounds of green beans that grew last year.

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