Just as I lost hope…

Every year, for the last ten years at least, Colleen (my grandmother) would give me flower pots full of different bulbs for my birthday.  Every year they would die.  I haven’t always had a “green thumb”.  Two years ago was the last time she gave me my customary pot full of bulbs.



Seeing how last year the last of her bulbs never popped back up, I had given up hope that they ever would.

That is until last Friday.  As we pulled into the driveway Friday afternoon, it was the first day in weeks that the sun had shown it face, showing a green spot that hasn’t been there before.

bulb 3

Of coarse, I had to investigate.  I was pleasantly surprised to find five little green tips poking their way out of the soil.  I didn’t realize just how upset I was about killing the last of Colleen’s bulbs until they were growing.

Colleen, I didn’t kill them after all!  I’m sure your looking down, smiling at the fact that I finally develping a green thumb.

bulb 4


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