Someone’s Been a Bad, Bad Boy

Today, like every other Friday, I went to the grocery store.  This little mundane trip usually takes a couple of hours.  Today I was home in record time.


I stood in the kitchen doorway for several seconds, letting in the 40° wind, staring at the pile of potting mix and dirt on my floor.  I stood there with all of my groceries in hand in disbelief.  Surely Boux, a.k.a Bad Dog would not have eaten my plants, right?



Oh, yes.  He in fact did!  The trail of his mischief continued into the dinning room, to the fourier, and finally he stopped in the living room.  Eating not one, but three, I repeat three of the trees that I had been growing since last spring.


He even massacred two of the flower pots they were in.


I guess he got bored.  Maybe he was seeking revenge for not allowing him to go to the store.  Until there is some sort of way to read his little rottweiler-dachshund mixed brain, I will never know why.


I suppose I’ll forgive him after a while.  I mean, come on, look at that face.

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