How to succeed at making the worst birthday cake, ever

Today is my son’s thirteenth birthday.  Happy Birthday, Son!  Do you feel like a teenager yet?  Don’t worry, you will.

While he watched t.v. and enjoyed his day off from school, I thought it was time to make his birthday cake.  A Rice Krispies Cake.

The Rice Krispies did their thing and worked out great.  I’m quite proud of how all the cereal got along, bathing in the marshmallow bath that I provided.  Then molding nicely together into a large cube.  Thank you Rice Krispies for making that part a breeze.

The icing on the other hand, did not work out as well.  (Yes, icing on rice krispies.  It’s not my dream birthday cake.  But, hey, you only turn 13 once, right.)  All of the ingredients got along at the whisking party well.  The cream cheese and butter were the first to arrive.  So early in fact, they were at the right temperature and blended perfectly together.   I began thinking to myself thinking to myself, “THIS is going to be the best cake.”  After the butter and cream cheese bonded together in the bowl, sugar and vanilla arrived.

That’s when I thought I would go the Food Network route and experiment.  Why experiment you may be asking yourself.  The icing is perfect.  Because sometimes the creative side of my brain takes over.  When that happens, all measurements fly out the window.  That’s when I wing it.

Hmm, that little bitty lime would make the icing pretty tasting.  (That’s the creative side talking)

Well, the icing is going to be green.  (That’s the logical side – trying to make sence of Creative’s craziness)

So, what do I do?  Yep, I add the lime juice.  The taste was ok.  Certainly not the worst thing that I’ve created.  The problem was that the icing became to wet.  Still not a total problem.  It will surely harden in the fridge, right?  Time will tell.

With out further ado, here is MR. CREEPER.


As I’m half way done smearing on the icing, I come to the realization that it doesn’t matter.  I mean really, so what if my Green Rice Krispie Block with Lime Cream Cheese Icing isn’t going to win Best Cake.  I’m not on Food Network, there aren’t any judges in my kitchen.  All that matters is that my son likes his Minecraft cake.  It may be the ugliest cake I have ever made, but he likes it and that’s what is important.


I’ve certainly made better looking cakes before.  I’m sure this won’t be the only ugly cake I make.

What’s the worst cake you’ve ever made?


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