I have found my ideal garden!

Just off of the I-10/I-12 corridor in Baton Rouge lies a little gem of a garden.  It’s not just any garden.  No, this garden is the garden of my obsessive compulsive dreams!  I first noticed the garden on the trip to New Orleans, but we were unable to stop.


It has actually been there for years, it’s part of the LSU Ag Center – Burden Center.


Turns out, the Rural Life Museum is even back there.  We didn’t have time for the tour, but it’s definitely in the back of my mind for later.

All of the plants were huge.  Much, much larger than mine has ever gotten.  It’s a wonder what non-red clay dirt can do!



Take a look at those cabbages!  Holy Mackerel!  That would be awesome to harvest next year.  Boy, just think of the cole slaw I could make this summer with those behemoths.  Sure would go nicely with some pulled-pork, huh?  YUM!

Any who!   Back to the garden.  The cauliflower and broccoli was nothing to sneeze at either.  Although, I think some one forgot to cut the broccoli before it flowered.




That was a cool use for used tires.  Sure beats the landfill.  Those brussels sprouts were only maybe a foot tall, if that.  I thought brussels were supposed to be tall.  They were ready, that’s for sure.


There we go, that’s more like it!


I’m trying to figure out how to implement the cinder blocks.  I may build a few boxes out of them.  Maybe a bean pole tee-pee?  Kat enjoyed the tee-pee a lot.  It can be a hiding place during hide-and-seek.


 The garden even had lime, lemon, orange and grapefruit trees.


In the end, I think the consensus is that we absolutely HAVE to get our own alligator log.  How cool would that be to have in the yard?  A focal point for sure.

alligatorlogNow for it to stop raining long enough to get some work done outside.  It’s been raining for a few days now, with more rain to come.  Until then I suppose I’ll do some work inside.  Or, maybe I’ll just watch some movies.  It sure is hard to get motivated to do anything when it’s raining.


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