Boy, Oh Boy!


After nearly two weeks of temps in the low to mid eighties (one day it was almost 90°), 30°  is pretty cold.  I woke up this morning to a cold floor and frost on the windshield.  Yesterday I had planned to transplant the 50+ Purple Canna bulbs from the garden bed to the fence in the front yard.


However, the thunderstorm that was supposed to come thru Monday afternoon, came during the midnight hours Sunday and rained most of Monday morning, bringing with it  the freezing temperatures.  The ground became too wet and cold for transplanting anything.  So, instead of planting, I hung a few more Christmas decorations, packed a few things to ship in time to be received before Christmas, and played with the dogs.


My plan for today  is to put them in pots and bring them inside.  I also plan to move some “purple flower things” that we found years ago.  I hoping by doing all of this transplanting, they will keep growing and I can move all of the dirt to the compost until spring.

I guess I should drag myself outside to the cold and get on with it, then.

How cold is it where you are?


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